Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Time for a GIVEAWAY!!!

Happy New Year!!!  Let's get the year started off right, shall we??

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How would you like to win a 
$15 Amazon Gift Card???

We want to spread the word about this blog and what an amazing resource it can be if we all work together and share our ideas.  So, here's how it's going to work:

*The giveaway will be open from Jan. 1 - Jan. 7.

*Entries can be earned by:
     - Become a follower of this blog
     - Post about the blog or giveaway on Facebook
     - Pin an activity to Pinterest
     - Join our Facebook group
     - Submit an activity idea
Each entry can only be earned ONCE, with the exception of an activity submission.  You can submit ONE activity EACH DAY during the giveaway

*Winner will be announced on Wednesday, Jan. 9.

Questions??  Email andrea.ctrs@gmail.com


  1. Joined the facebook group & gave your blog a little FB shout out, too!

    1. Awesome abby! Thanks for spreading the word!! Just make sure you're also a follower of the blog to be entered into the giveaway!