Friday, January 18, 2013

My Many Colored Days

Here's another one of my favorite groups because it's so easy to adapt for whatever functioning level of the group.  Plus, it's a Dr. Seuss book, so how can it not be awesome? ;-)

Talk about how colors represent various emotions, and how emotions are expressed through colors. For example,
   I’m feeling blue
   Rage represented by red
   Gray being a “blah” color
   Green with envy

Then read the book “My Many Colored Days” by Dr. Seuss with the patients.

Discuss the book with patients. How well did Dr. Seuss express emotions through colors? Do you agree with the emotion he gave each color? Why or why not? What would you change? What emotions would you add?

Ask patients what kind of day they are having? A blue day? A purple day?

How do you know what color of day you are having.

Give patients colored paper and markers. Have them create some kind of artwork using the colors to express the emotions they are feeling. Share and discuss the artwork with the group.

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