Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Q-Tip Paintings

This is another idea I found on Pinterest and can't wait to try it out in my art therapy groups!

Q-Tip paintings -- how cute is that?!

I think it will work really well with the geriatric psych patients who have trouble with fine motor skills needed to do most art activities.  I'm sure it won't look quite like the original image posted here, but I know they will still be great!!

Construction Paper

Have patients "paint" using the Q-tips as brushes.  Pour various colors of paint onto a surface (i.e. plate).  Dip the Q-tip in the desired color, and then stamp the Q-Tip to the colored paper.  Continue until the design has been created.  If patients are having a hard time coming up with ideas to paint, it might be helpful to have pictures from magazines or old calendars available as examples.

Don't worry about making the pictures as pretty as this example!  The key is to have the patients try something knew and complete a difficult or unusual task.  It's not about the final product--it's about the process!!

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