Monday, January 7, 2013

Feelings Jenga

Here is another Jenga game.  If you haven't seen the Communication Jenga or the Social Skills Jenga, be sure to check them out as well.  Jenga has endless possibilities for rec therapists!!

Feelings Jenga: a feeling word on each block. Draw a block and describe a time you've experienced this emotion.

I saw this picture on Pinterest and immediately thought it would be perfect for my facility.  The geriatric unit especially loves telling stories, and this would be a good way to keep them involved and on topic.

Basically, you write an emotion on each Jenga piece.  Examples of different emotions might include:

Play Jenga as normal.  When a player pulls out a Jenga block, he/she must read the emotion listed on the block and then share a time when he/she felt that emotion.

You could also write the same emotion on several different Jenga blocks, so that more than one person will draw that block and share that emotion.

Afterwards, process with the group.  Which emotions were easy to talk about?  Which were more difficult?  Which emotion do you feel the most?  The least?

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