Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Communication Jenga

Here's another fun adaptation for Jenga!

For those that missed the Social Skills Jenga game, the idea is the same.  Basically, I have a Jenga set with a colored dot on one end of each piece.  The dots are red, green, blue or purple.

Play Jenga as normal.  When a player pulls out a Jenga piece, look at the color of the dot.  Based on the dot color, the player has to do a specific thing.  Examples include:

Red = Name one way to communicate positively
Blue = Name one person that you have a positve relationship with
Green = Name one way effective communication can strenghten a relationship
Purple = Give the person to your left a compliment (that hasn't been said already)

It's a fast, fun game that can be adapted to any ability level.  Hope you enjoy!!

Idea submitted by Andrea Call, CTRS, TRS.

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