Thursday, December 20, 2012

Personal Mottos

Purpose:  Help patients understand who they are, their unique characteristics, and their capacity to overcome difficulties in life

Maya Angelou
   Colored paper
   Markers, crayons, etc.
   Examples of motivation quotes

Talk to the group about what a personal motto or mission statement is.  Discuss how to create a personal mission statement.  Have the group share inspirational quotes that help them keep going when facing difficult situations.

Have each person in the group make their own personal motto/motivational poster.  Tell the to put a quote that inspires them on the paper, and decorate it however they wish.

After everyone has created a poster, share them with the group.  Have the patients explain why they chose that particular saying, and how it motivates them to be better and not give up.  Have the patients hang their pictures in their rooms, on a mirror, etc. where they will see it daily as a personal encouragement.

Examples of motivation quotes can be found on this Pinterest board.

Idea submitted by Andrea Call

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