Friday, December 28, 2012

Hidden Messages

Valentine's Day. Cut hearts from white paper and write love notes on them with a white crayon, then hide your hearts in strategic morning locations. Place a box of watercolors at the breakfast table, and brush paint over the hearts to reveal the messages.

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be a perfect project for Valentine's Day!  It is similar to an art therapy project I like to do with my geriatric patients. The original idea was posted here.

White paper
White crayons

Cut out various heart shapes using the white paper and scissors.  Then, write a special message to a loved on the heart.  Give the valentine, along with the watercolors to the person.  When they paint over the heart, the message written in white crayon appears.

This would also be a cool project to do in a rehab setting.  Have each client write down inspiring messages, notes of encouragement, or personal affirmations, each on a piece of white paper.  Then, when they are feeling down or discouraged, they can pull out one of the sheets of paper, color over it with watercolor and remember the message as a "pick me up."

You could also use this idea for a "graduation" from a program.  When a person successfully completes your program, have all the other clients write down positive notes and congrats.  Give the stack of white papers and a set of watercolors as a departing gift.

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