Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hot Lava

I did this yesterday at work, and it was fantastic.

You'll Need:
   -Paper plate for each participant
   -Blindfolds (optional)
   -Ear plugs (optional)
   -Tape to mark the start and finish lines

Set Up:
Patients should each be given one paper plate and a length of space should be available, for example the hallway on the unit or the gym.  Use the tape to mark a start and finish line.

The Goal:
For all patients to cross over the "hot lava" without touching the floor.

The Rules:
   -Patients cannot touch the floor!  If a patient touches the floor, the entire group goes back and starts over from the beginning.
   -Once a paper plate is put on the ground, a patient has to be touching it at all times.  If the plate is left untouched for five seconds or longer, the plate is melts in the lava and is taken away.

When we play this game at our facility, we usually adapt it to meet the needs of the daily theme (codependency).  To do so, you could have a patient wear a blindfold or ear plugs, or have a patient say "banana" in between each word, or even tie two patients together.  Each of these modifications highlight a symptom of codependency (people pleasing, poor boundaries, caretaking, etc.).

Process the activity with the patients.  Talk about the roles each patient took on during the activity, and how it translates into their lives.  Review the Symptoms of Codependency handout, and talk about how this activity helped them understand some of the different signs of a codependent relationship.

Brinda Green, CTRS, introduced this activity to our facility.  Thanks Brinda!

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  1. This is a great activity! I haven't been able to find it typed out like you wrote it (nicely done!) Thanks for sharing :)