Friday, January 25, 2013

In the Manner of the Adverb

Here's another fun game!  This can be used as an activity itself, or as a filler if you have a little extra time.

Choose one person to leave the room.  This player will be the guesser.

Everyone else stays in the room and quietly chooses an adverb (i.e. clumsily, loudly, flirtatiously).  After agreeing on the adverb, invite the guesser back into the room.  The guesser chooses someone in the room and then asks them to do an action "in the manner of the adverb."  For example, say "Player A, will you brush your teeth in the manner of the adverb?"  Player A then proceeds to brush his teeth (pretending) in the manner of the adverb.  The guesser continues to ask various players to do various actions until he is able to guess what the adverb is.

After successfully guessing the adverb, another player steps out of the room and a new adverb is chosen.

Examples of actions might include:
-Brush your teeth
-Do a pushup
-Walk to the door
-Drink a glass of water
-Write your name
-Shake someone's hand
-Do a jumping jack

Examples of adverbs include:

Afterwards, process this activity.  You could relate it to communication and how nonverbal communication affects how we pass information from person to person.  You could also talk about different emotions and how we express these emotions to others around us.  It could also be used to discuss how we cope with anxiety, as some participants might be nervous about having to play the game.  Be creative and see how your group does; adapt the processing to meet their needs.

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