Friday, January 11, 2013

Tag Team Drawings

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I found this idea on Pinterest, and it's a great activity to process through because it is different every time you run the activity.  The original idea was found here.

Tag-Team Drawings
Paper for each person
Art supplies (Markers, crayons, or colored pencils)

Each person gets one piece of paper and one writing utensil.  Set the timer for 30 seconds.  Each player gets to start a drawing (i.e. of a tree, a face, a house, etc.).  At the end of the 30 seconds, each player must put their marker down and pass their paper to the person to their left, and rotates the paper 90 degrees to the left.  This person has 30 seconds to continue the drawing the first person started.  After 30 seconds, the paper is again passed to the left and rotated again.  Drawing continues as such until the papers have all been passed around and everyone has the paper they started with.

 Discuss the activity with the group.  What happened?  What went well and what didn't work?
Talk about how this activity relates to our lives.  How does our behavior affect those around us?  Do our actions impact what others are capable of doing?  Is this a positive or negative thing?  How come?  Discuss areas where we could positively impact others.  Talk about ways to handle situations when other people's actions negatively affect our own behavior or possible actions.  You could also relate this activity to healthy relationships and the negative effects of codependency.  How does this activity highlight codependent relationships and what can we learn from it?  The possibilities for processing are endless!!  See how and what your group does, and just go with it!!

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