Friday, January 4, 2013

Skittles Bowling

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Here's another popular activity, especially if your patients/residents are able to go off-campus for group activities.  The teenage boys at the residential facility I used to work at loved this activity!
The game is very simple.  Prior to bowling each frame, the player will randomly pick a Skittle out of the bag.  Depending on the color of the skittle, the player must bowl the ball a certain way.  Ahead of time, have the group decide what each color will represent.

Examples might include:
-Granny style
-Normal bowling
-Bowl with the non-dominant hand
-Spin three times prior to bowling normally
-Around the back
-Bowl sitting down

Afterwards, process with the group.  Talk about the experience and what each player learned.  Consider the following questions:
-What was good about this version of bowling and what was difficult?
-What made it difficult?
-What was it like to not have control over what you were doing?
-Do you like being told how to do things, or having to do things a certain way?
-How does this relate to our lives currently?
-What are examples of how other people control you?
-How do you control others?
-How can we handle situations when we are being controlled like that?
-Did you feel anxious not knowing what you would have to do?
-Was that good anxiety or bad anxiety?  How do you know?

Let the players eat the rest of the Skittles afterwards!  (This is usually their favorite part!!)

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  1. I tried this on Saturday with "paper skittles" since giving my current census of patients sugary goodies would've been frowned upon. Both child & teen groups loved it & it gave bowling a little extra "oomph". Thank you!