Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Emotion Charades

This game is always a hit at my facility!!  Hope you enjoy it!

Emotions Charades pictures (I usually just cut up one of the charts for this)
Emotion faces chart for participants.  There are lots online, here is one sample:

Begin the group by introducing the daily theme- recognizing and expressing emotion. Begin playing Charades. Each person draws a face, and then has to get the group to guess the emotion they are feeling. NO WORDS! If they are having a hard time, they can ask one person in the group to help them.

After playing for a while (make sure everyone has at least 1 turn), pass out the emotion faces chart. You can keep playing, and it will be easier to guess the emotion because of the chart. Or you can go straight into the processing.

Talk about the game. What was difficult about it? What made it difficult? Talk about the idea that the way one person expresses an emotion may be different than how someone else expresses that same emotion. Also talk about how one emotion may be interpreted as another emotion. Share experiences of when that may have happened. Talk about the importance of clearly recognizing and expressing emotion to those around us so that we can get the help we need.


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