Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tic Tac Toe (TTT) Basketball

Amy Boettcher sent me this activity... doesn't it look fun?!?

Basketball half court
Basketball hoop
Tic Tac Toe grid drawn out on the ground (use chalk, duct tape, etc.)
Team pennies (or some way to distinguish the teams from each other

Divide the group into two teams: X's and O's

Flip a coin, draw a number, etc. to see which team goes first.

When it's each team member's turn, they much choose a box from the TTT grid.  If they miss, they have to answer a question from whatever topic you choose the game to be centered around.  For example, if the theme is coping skills, you might as them what coping skill they use for managing a stressful situation.  Other examples include what triggers their temper? Isolation? Depression? Etc.

When they make a basket, they remain in the box they shot from, and the next team gets to choose which box they want to shoot from.  And repeat the process above.  The grid will fill up with team members.  The object is to get three X's (or O's) in a row.

During the game, ask for others to offer their answers to the questions you ask as well.  Go over the group's topic or theme at the end of the game.

This game is geared towards adults, with a specific topic in mind to apply to the game's questions.  Amy has used it in the past to with adolescents as well, to work on frustration (missing the basket from a chosen spot, experiencing others progressing/winning and you losing/falling behind, teamwork, strategy, etc.).

Thanks again Amy!!

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