Thursday, January 10, 2013

Human Foosball

One of my students came up with this idea while I was working at a residential treatment center for teenage boys.  In the spring, I would pick a few students to plan the RT group for the week.  One boy came up with this idea, got all the necessary materials, and led the game.  It was a great experience for the whole group!!

PVC pipe
Soccer ball
Soccer field

This is like a life size version of the game Foosball.  Players split into two teams.  Players on each team are then divided into a front, middle and back row (or a few middle rows depending on how many participants you have).  Each row is given a long PVC that each player must always hold onto.
Players line up so they face the other team, for example:
   Goalie Team A
   Team A Back row
   Team B Front row
   Team A Middle row
   Team B Middle row
   Team A Front row
   Team B Back row
   Goalie Team B
The object of the game is to score goals like in soccer.  However, players may only move left to right along their PVC pipe, never forward or backward.  It takes a a lot of cooperation and communication to succeed in this game, which makes it perfect for a rec therapy group!

Be sure to process this activity afterwards!  That's when the real value comes out.  Talk about group dynamics during the game.  Who were the leaders?  Who was more passive?  Does that also happen in other areas of our lives?  What was difficult abut having to stay in line and stay connected with other players?  How does that relate to our current relationships?  Talk about codependency and healthy relationships.  Talk about teamwork.  The possibilities are endless!

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