Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Have patients share their lists. What are the most important activities on the list? The least important? Why?
Have patients make a list of the various things they do during the day. This can be things they do alone, with others, when they go to work or school, who they interact with, what time they eat, etc.

Read the book “Maxie” by Mildred Kantrowitz with the patients.

Discuss what happened to Maxie. Explain the impact her seemingly insignificant actions had on countless individuals.

Have the patients look at their lists again. This time, have them write next to each activity how someone else is influenced by them completing (or not completing) that task. Also look at how someone else doing something prior to that affects their ability to complete the task.

Talk about how our behavior affects us and those around us, both in positive and negative ways. Talk about how being in treatment is affecting the patients’ family, job, etc.

Set one goal to more positively influence other people.

Idea submitted by Adrianna Markley, CTRS.

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