Friday, February 1, 2013


Here's how we made a fun game therapeutic!

Everyone in the group comes up with a "sign" of their own.  For example, touching their nose, sticking out their tongue, standing up, snapping their fingers, etc.  After everyone has decided upon and shared their sign with the group, one player is sent out of the room.  This person will be the first guesser.

One person still in the room is selected to begin the game.  He starts by making his own sign, and then making the sign of another player, effectively "passing" the sign from person to person.  The person who player 1 passed it to makes her own sign, effectively "receiving" the sign, and then passes it to someone else.

Once the sign is being passed around, invite the guesser back into the room.  The goal is to identify the person who has the sign as it is being passed.  Players passing the sign try to be sneaky so the guesser can't figure out who "has" the sign.

Play multiple rounds of the game.

To process, you can talk non-verbal communication and the importance of eye contact.  Talk about what it was like for the guesser not to have all the information.  Does this ever happen in our lives?  How so?  How do we feel in these situations?  How do we fix this?

Talk about what "signs" and non-verbal communication we give others.  Do we accurately explain ourselves?  How can we improve non-verbal communication?

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