Monday, February 25, 2013

Mean Pigs

I got this activity from a URTA Conference.  It was originally created by Bryan Crown, TRS, CTRS and this blog post is simply a copy of the handout we were given.  We did a small demonstration of the activity at the conference and it was a lot of fun!


Space Requirements: Gym

Equipment/Resources needed:
2 Water balloon launchers
10 Balls
Empty boxes (use boxes that can easily be knocked down)
Green plush pigs or green balloons
Small piece of paper for each participant
Pen/pencil for each participant

Group size: 3-12

1. Identify tools or ways participants can overcome issues
2. Identify ways to communicate with support

Preparation: Set up the gym like an "angry birds" scene.  Have boxes set up in different positions with the plush pigs/balloons arranged in different ways  Have the water balloon launchers and balls at one end of the gym.

Introduction: Ask who has played "Angry Birds."  Ask what the birds are attacking.  Explain that everyone has their own personal "pigs" in life.  Mention different things that these pigs could represent: selfishness, putting others or yourself down, drugs or alcohol, gossiping, backbiting, anger, violence, lying, stealing, cheating, pride, etc.  Have each of the participants write down on a piece of paper their own personal pig and then put this paper in their back pocket.  Let them know what they write on the paper does not need to be shared with the rest of the group.  The activity will help them understand and identify ways that they can defeat those "personal pigs."  Have them think about ways they can overcome their personal pigs as they launch balls at the pigs.

Activity Description: Have the group divide into two smaller groups and each group will be next to one of the water balloon launchers.  Have two patients in each group hold onto an end of the water balloon launcher while a third participant launches a few balls at the pigs.  Have each group rotate through giving each person an opportunity to launch a few balls.

Debriefing Questions/Closure:
-Tell me what we just did.
-Why did I have you write down something at the beginning?  Did it make attacking the pigs more meaningful?  How?
-In the game of Angry Birds, what do the pigs steal?  What has your own personal pig stolen from you?
-The pigs are on top of or behind boxes... How have you raised your pigs up or hidden them from others?
-I'm calling it a personal pig... But does my personal pig only affect me?  Who else could it affect?  How?
-What do the balls/birds represent?  What are some tools, techniques, or ways that we can defeat our pigs? How can they help us do so?
-The two people holding onto the launcher helped you defeat your pigs.  Who could those two people represent?  How can you communicate with your support system to better achieve your goals?

**Not all these questions need to be asked every time...know your patients and their needs.

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