Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day "Minute to Win it" Games

What's not to love about "Minute to Win It" games?  I found a website that had some Valentine's day adaptations.  Hope you enjoy it!

All of the details are on that blog so I'm just going to list them here with a very brief overview and you can head over to for all the instructions!


1.  Heart-A-Stack:  stack conversation hearts as high as you can in one minute.

2.  Marshmallow Toss: Toss as many heart shaped marshmallows as possible into a partner's plastic cup (or mouth!) in one minute.

3.  Love Spot: Put a dab of vaseline on each person's nose and see how fast they can get a red pom pom to stick.

4.  Heart Pick Up: Use chopsticks (or two pencils) to transfer little cinnamon heart candies from one plate to another in one minute.

5.  Candy Corn Stick Up: Use Valentine's candy corn and bite off the end, then stick them up around a paper plate.  See who has the most standing after one minute.

6.  Pink Mummy:  Wrap a partner in pink crepe paper as a mummy.

I'm sure there's a lot of other fun adaptations for other Minute to Win it games.  What others activities did you include in your Valentine's party?

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