Tuesday, February 26, 2013


This is a favorite in the gym for the adolescents at my facility!  It's a simple game, but allows everyone to be involved regardless of basketball skill level.

Have patients line up behind the free throw line.  The first person in line gets the basketball.  Have patients remember the order they are standing in, because this will be the order they shoot in.

The first person (Player A) shoots from the free throw line.  If the shot goes in, the player will need to rebound the ball and touch it to the wall behind the basketball hoop, yelling POISON! as the ball touches the wall.  During this time, all the other players are running away.  When Player A yells poison, everyone else must freeze.  Player A then rolls the ball (think of bowling) and tries to get it to touch someone.  If it hits another player, that person gets a strike.  The next player (Player B) will then shoot from the free throw line and play will continue.

If however, player A misses that first shot, player B has to rebound the ball within 3 bounces.  Player B then shoots the ball from exactly where he rebounded it.  If he makes it, he rebounds, yells poison, and rolls the ball.  If not, player C has 3 bounces to rebound and play continues.

If a player gets 3 strikes (i.e. hit by the ball 3 times), the player is out.  The last player still in wins!

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