Monday, February 18, 2013

Leisure Education Collages

I got this idea from Adrianna Markley, CTRS.  I tried it in a group recently and it worked out amazingly well!!

Construction paper

Begin with a discussion about leisure.  Talk about what leisure is.  Consider the following definition:

   Leisure: freedom from the demands of work or duty, whether it is an activity or just free time.  It is something that challenges us, but is not too difficult.

Discuss why leisure is important.  Talk about how health conditions can prevent leisure.

Discuss the difference between healthy and unhealthy leisure activities.  Ask the group what leisure means to them, and what activities they would like to participate in.

Instruct patients to create a leisure collage of activities they like to do or would like to try using pictures from the magazines.

Afterwards, have each person share their collages.  Talk about the pictures they included and how these activities can impact their mental health.


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