Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Rainbow Fish

Read the book “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister with the patients.  Discuss the moral of the story with the patients.  Why did the fish not want to share his special fins at the beginning?  What helped him change his mind?  What do the shiny fins represent? 

Instruct patients to make a multi-colored fish.  You can either print off a template and have the patients color it with markers, or give them construction paper and make a mosaic out of it.  However, there are only as many colors as there are participants.  Each participant gets one color, and must share with the others in order for each person to be successful. 

Talk about how it is important to work together to accomplish a goal.  What was it like to ask for something you needed?  To help someone?  Why couldn’t you just have one color in your fish?  What does this represent?

What qualities or contributions can you make to this group?  To other groups in your life (ie family, religious groups, friends, coworkers, etc.)?

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