Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tell a Story

submitted by Anna Evans of Longwood University


Equipment: Yarn of various colors and scissors

Objective: 1. To enhance socialization skills. 2. To share memories with others.

Description: Cut different colored yarn into varying lengths. Tie yarn together end to end, alternating the colors. Roll the yarn into a ball. Sit in a circle. Decide who will go first and hand the person the ball of yarn. As the person begins telling a story, he or she slowly unravels the ball of yarn. When the color changes, it is time to pass the ball of yarn to the next person so he or she can take over telling the story. Keep passing the ball of yarn around as the colors change, until the ball of yarn is completely unraveled. The last person ends the story. For a variation, make up a rule to follow when the color changes. For example, each time the color changes you need to change the setting or introduce another character in your story.

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