Monday, May 13, 2013

Building Bridges

This is an activity submitted by the Activity Therapists at Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital.

Newspaper or Magazines (LOTS!!)
Something heavy (i.e. textbook)

Tell patients that they need to build a bridge taht will hold the heavy object.  The specifications for the bridge are that it needs to be at least 6 inches tall and 10 inches long.

The rec therapist can add variations as needed, for example:
   -If a person is bossy, tell him he can't talk anymore
   -Give a time limit to create tension
   -Tell someone she has to say "banana" in between each word she says

Talk about the experience.  What went well?  What was frustrating?  Consider the following questions:
   -How do you react to stress?  Is that healthy or unhealthy?
   -How do you react to success?  Failure?
   -How do you treat people under pressure?  Is there anything you need to change?
   -How can you diffuse a stressful situation?

For a large group, you can also make it into a competition.  Which team can build the tallest bridge that holds the book?  The most aesthetically pleasing bridge?  Etc.

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