Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Rainy Day

This is a fun art project submitted by Heidi Bolster, CTRS.



·         Paper with printout of people with umbrella
·         Painting (canvas) paper
·         Border colored paper (construction paper)
·         Paints (acrylic is best but you can use watercolor too)
·         Brushes
·         Water
·         Paper towels
·         Plates for each patient


      1.       Talk with patients about times when they have had a negative (or rainy) day
a.       Ask patients how/if they were able to see the good in all the negative parts of the day
b.      Discuss with patients how one might be able to see the brighter side of life (being positive, etc)
2.       Instruct patients to begin rainy day activity:
a.       Show them an example, have them glue the small cut out of the people standing with the umbrella in the rain to the canvas paper
b.      Instruct patients to choose at least three colors to use to depict the rain in their painting
c.       Show patients how to do small strokes down on their paper in order to create raindrops, and instruct them to paint the rain drops all over the canvas except under the umbrella
d.      *Extra step if patients want: After patients are finished painting, allow them to pic a background color for their border and help them glue the background onto their painting.
3.       After the patients are finished congratulate them on the uniqueness of each of their paintings and discuss how these paintings will help them to remember to see the brighter side to life; even on the darkest and most rainy days.

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