Thursday, May 30, 2013

Inside Outside Bags

This activity was submitted by the Activity Therapists at Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital.


You’ll Need: Magazines
                         Glue or Tape
                         Markers or Colored Pencils or Crayons
                         Brown Paper Bag for each participant

Patients should be instructed to decorate the outside of their bag with things that represent how other people see them and put things inside that represent how they really are on the inside. Patients can tear out of the magazines, so scissors are not needed!

Then, patients should share the outside and inside of their bags with the group.

Can process:
1.     The difference between who we really are and how we present ourselves.
2.     Why it can be difficult to share what is inside the bag, what are we afraid of?
3.     How can communicating who we are be important in relationships?
4.     What happens if we don’t communicate who we are?

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