Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Leisure Lists

Size of Group: 4-12

Equipment: Pencil, paper, timer, and leisure categories

FOCUS AREA: Benefits of Leisure

Description: Break the group into 2 to 3 groups. Begin the game of Leisure Lists. This game is reminiscent of "Scattegories."

A topic will be named and participants are given one minute to list as many things as possible. After each round, chose a group to read their list first. If another team has the same item on their list, that item is crossed off on everyone's list. If no one else has the same item, then the team gets one point. After team one has finished reading their list, the next team(s) read their list. The team with the most listed items wins the round.

Give the groups one minute to make each list.
1.  List your favorite leisure/recreation activities
2.  List positive benefits you obtain from participating in leisure you like
3.  List lessons you have learned from participating in leisure/recreation
4.  List places you can participate in leisure/recreation
5.  List Olympic Sports
6.  List things you take on a picnic
7.  List things related to football
8.  List names of dances

·         Begin discussion on favorite activities. What makes an activity enjoyable? Further discuss the positive benefits of preferred leisure.
·         (Optional): Relate the theory of Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Following discussion, Complete the activity with feedback from participants on what choices they might make when feeling depressed, bored, etc. and tie it in with the benefits they listed earlier.

EXPECTED OUTCOME: Participants will better understand how engagement in preferred activities can positively affect their feelings, moods, and thoughts.

Csikszentmihalyi (1993: 178-9) defined eight dimensions of the flow experience:
The 8 dimensions
Clear goals and immediate feedback
Equilibrium between the level of challenge and personal skill
Merging of action and awareness
Focused concentration
Sense of potential control
Loss of self-consciousness
Time distortion
Autotelic or self-rewarding experience

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