Thursday, May 9, 2013

Colored Candy Go Round - Boundaries

The Colored Candy Go Round is one of my favorite activities.  It works really well for a low or high functioning group, and I've found that people are more likely to come to group if I bring candy! :)
Plastic Baggies

Distribute 10-15 candies to each member of the group. Have each member sort their candy by color with instructions NOT to eat them. Ask one member to pick a color and tell how many they have (i.e. two greens). Ask them to give two (or however many they have) responses to the following questions:

Red: state a word to describe yourself
Yellow: tell about a joyful experience in your life
Green: State a goal you want to make regarding boundaries with others
Orange: name a type of boundary
Purple: Give a compliment to someone in the group

After one person has answered a question have them choose the next person to answer the same question based on the number of candies that person has. The activity is complete when each person has answered all the questions. Candies can be eaten after each question is answered.

Processing Questions:
What did you learn?
Did anything surprise you?
How will you work toward making changes/ improvements?

You can also review any handouts you have on the subject at the end, and tie the game into the daily theme/topic.

This game is also easy to adapt to a variety of themes including the domino effect, getting to know you, etc.

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