Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Leisure and Feelings

Submitted by Joselyn Whetzel of UVA Medical Center / Adult Psychiatric

Size: 4-10

Equipment: papers, pens/pencils, chalkboard, small basket

Objective: To raise the awareness of leisure activities being effective as positive coping strategies.

Description: Pass out paper and pens and have each patient write down 2-3 leisure activities that they enjoy. Collect these papers in a basket and put aside.

Next, ask patients to brainstorm feelings or emotions they enjoy or like to feel (i.e. belonging, sense of adventure, love, happiness, sense of accomplishment, self- worth, etc.). List on chalkboard leaving space under each emotion.

After you have listed about 8 or so emotions/feelings... pull out the basket you have set aside. Pull out the papers and read each leisure activity and ask patients how it makes them feel (i.e. How does walking in the park make you feel? relaxed, peaceful). List the leisure activities on the board under the appropriate emotions/feelings.

Lastly, explain to patients that when we feel low or depressed we are able to get back in touch with these emotions/feelings that we like through the magic of leisure activities!!

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