Monday, May 20, 2013

Bocce Ball

A while back our facility started a program called "Activity Nights."  Basically, we had a "fun" group with each unit where we would play games board games, do puzzles and word searches, go to the gym, etc.  One of the activities we did was Bocce Ball.


Bocce Ball Kit

Divide the group into two teams and so each player gets 1 ball (if there is enough for 2 balls each then do that). Throw the white ball out anywhere on the court. The first player will throw one of their balls and try to get as close as they can to the white ball. Each person will throw one ball alternating teams (i.e. red team throws then blue team etc.) After everyone has thrown their ball, the ball that is closest to the white ball wins that round (if it is a blue ball, blue team gets a point and vice versa). The player who threw the winning ball gets the throw the white ball.  You can decide how many rounds you are going to play. 

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