Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back to Back Drawings


Partner patients up with a peer and have them sit back to back.  One peer describes to the other peer how to draw the picture they are looking at.  They may not tell the other person what the picture is.  Have the other peer draw the picture then look at the real picture. 

Have patients change roles and now have the person drawing last time be the explainer (using a different picture that before). Show them the real picture afterwards to compare.

Discussion Ideas
1.     What made the assignment challenging?  How is this similar to the challenges that arise in our everyday communication with others?
2.     What were the strengths/ weaknesses of your partner’s communication?
3.     What is your personal style of communication and how did that come through in the activity?
4.     What is one thing you could take from this activity to better improve your communication in your personal life?

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