Thursday, August 1, 2013

Black Magic

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Size of group: 6 to ?

Focus: Self-esteem development for two individuals involved in presenting the trick, stunts

Description: Two people are secretly in cahoots with each other. One leaves the room. The other invites the group to select one object that the person who left the room will attempt to guess. When the individual returns to the room, he will know what the object is.

How its done: When the individual returns to the room, his partner asks him a series of questions. "Is it the picture on the wall? Is it the rug? Is it her blouse? Is it the (black) notebook? Is it his shoes?" The "mind reader" knows its the notebook because it was the object immediately following an object that is BLACK in color.

Group Involvement: Invite the group to determine how the "mind reader" is doing the trick. Suggest to them that its obvious that their is some sort of communication between the partners. Encourage them to determine how the partners are communicating with each other.

Group Discussion: this activity can lead into discussion on leisure skills and its relationship to self-esteem or a discussion on communication, including non-verbal communication

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