Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rice or Fruit Grab

Submitted here by Vivian Middleton on of Lampasas Nursing & Rehab April 26, 2004

Size: 10+ can be played in teams or 1 on 1

Equipment: 10lbs. rice , 2 dishpans, 2 blindfolds, 20 small objects (balls, quarters, med. caps). You can also use this with fruit by mixing the fruit and have the pick as many of one fruit as possible

Objective: sensory, hand and arm movement
using the fruit will stimulate smell also

Description: mix 5 lbs rice and 10 objects in each pan. Have two people from the group blindfolded tell them. They each have 1 min. to locate as many objects in the rice as they can. The one with the most when time is called wins.


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