Monday, August 19, 2013

Trust Circle

Size of Group: 8 to 10

Discussion: Open group with discussion on trust, how long it takes for one to trust another, how long it takes to lose trust in another, and what specific words or behaviors one must take in order to establish trust with others.

Activity: Form a circle with the participant's shoulders touching. Have a volunteer or yourself stand in the middle with their arms crossed and legs straight and stiff. Those forming the circle must stand with one leg forward and the other backward with their knees bent. Their hands must also be in a ready position to catch the person in the middle from falling.
The group may develop a list of rules or behaviors that will not be permitted in the group (ex, no hard pushes, no fooling around, keep hands up and eyes focused). Also a list of positive expected behaviors (ex, you're doing good, stay focused, good job) can be generated.
When the group is ready, and when the person in the middle is ready, instruct the middle person to fall. Others catch the person and gently guide them back to the center of the circle. Its important that people adjacent to each other help each other out ("at least 4 to 6 hands on the falling person").
If the middle individual is scared, bring the group closer. Once comfortable, the group can move a step back. For a "kool" experience, the "faller" may do this activity with their eyes closed.

Safety: REINFORCE SAFE BEHAVIOR and trust building behavior. If participants engage in unsafe behavior or behavior promoting distrust, stop the group immediately and process such behavior.

PROCESS: Discuss feelings felt by the falling individuals. Were they scared? Did they trust the group? What things did group members do that reinforced feelings and thoughts of trust? What things did group members do that generated feelings and thoughts of mistrust? What are things we can do in our lives to generate feelings of trust in others? What have you done in your live that generated trust/mistrust?


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