Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blindfold Tag

Here's another activity submitted by Jill Sederberg.

Begin by making some sort of perimeter (I usually take two ropes and make them into a circle on and use duct tape to make a circle on the gym floor).  Then have patients team up into pairs.  One person is blindfolded and the other is their "guide."  You then play tag.  The person who is "it" holds a pool noodle and is guided by their partner to where the other people are.  All guides try and direct their partner away from whoever is "it."  If hit by the noodle, that person is the new "it."  Guides MUST be out of the perimeter and the players cannot step out of the perimeter.  Have patients switch roles at some point.

Sometimes to make it harder you can stand in the middle and yell random directions. :)

Processing Ideas:
*Trust - Could you trust your partner?  How were you able to pick out their voice?  What makes someone trustworthy? Do you have someone you can trust in your life?
*Communication Skills
*Addiction - How is the blindfold like an addiction in our lives?

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