Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Exercise: Stretching

Here is our list of stretches we include just about every day!  Stretching is one of my favorite parts of our exercise groups!


Standing Stretches:
·        Lean down – touch your toes
·        Arms behind your back – stretch out your shoulders
·        Arms in front – stretch up to the sky
·        Arm straight up, bend at the elbow, push down with other hand, alternate [also sitting]
·        Arm across the chest, use opposite arm to pull shoulder, alternate [also sitting]
·        Left and right lunge
·        Lean down towards to left, right, center
·        Stand on one foot (FLAMIGO!), alternate
·        Look left, right, up and down [neck stretch] [also sitting]
·        Roll your neck [also sitting]
·        Roll ankles

Sitting Stretches:
·        Butterfly
·        One leg out, stretch to your toe, alternate
·        Legs out, stretch to the center
·        Legs together, stretch forward
·        Roll your wrists
·        Pigeon legs (leg out, other leg up like butterfly, turn over [bottom of the foot facing up], lean on body), alternate

·        Leg forward, bring knee to chest over leg, twist direction leg is up, alternate

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