Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dear Abby

submitted here by Judy Key on February 4, 2008

Size of Group: At least four (can include facilitator) 

Equipment: paper, pencils. 

Objective: build trust, support, unity and within a group, 

Description: Give each group member a sheet of paper and a pencil. Each person must have the same color paper and pencil. Encourage group to think of a problem that they are working on and need help solving, and write it down on the paper. Instruct group not to write their names on their papers. Facilitator must number a separate piece of paper with 1- # of participants. Once each person is finish writing done their problem assign them a number and write their name next to that number. Choose random numbers, so no one knows which paper goes to whom. Redistribute the papers to random group members. Try to redistribute to people who are not sitting close to one another. Encourage group members to read the problem they were given and give a well thought about solution. Once every one has completed their solutions redistribute to the original person. Encourage group to discuss their thoughts and feelings on the activity.

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