Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lend a Fish

Found this activity here.

submitted by Nancy Hahn of Sidney Square Care Center Pgh PA on Thursday, June 14, 2001

Size: Individual

Equipment: Small plastic or acrylic fishbowls, water, Beta or goldfish, fish food, film canisters, a spray of water greens if desired

Objective: A Relaxation technique,an anti-anxiety aide,a self-esteem enhancer

Description: Place a single fish in a bowl. Very inexpensive bowls often even with lids,are available in pet shops. These fish can be left in viewing distance of patients,or in the rooms of other residents for a few days or up to a week. They are fascinating to watch, and require little care. I have found them especially effective with vent patients who often are so intent on their next breath, that they have a high level of anxiety or just can't relax. We break a spray of greens into very small pieces and put a sprig in each bowl. It is best to use colorful or high definition fish. A few colorful pebbles are nice in the bottom, but not necessary. We use bottled water for our bowls, avoiding the additives needed for tap water. These have become very popular at our facility, we even have family member request them, and residents have certain favorites. If anyone has questions I can be reached at bunnyhopping@yahoo.com\\

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