Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Letter to My Future Self

This is an alternate to the "Letter to My Younger Self" activity.

White or Lined Paper
Construction paper

Help patients make a small book using the white or lined paper.  Use the construction paper to make a cover.  Entitle the book "Letter to My Future Self."

Talk with patients about the challenges and difficulties they are currently facing.  Ask them to think about what lessons they can learn from these experiences.  Help them identify how they will be stronger and better people because of these challenge.

Instruct patients to write down these thoughts and any other things they would want their future selves to know or remember.  This may relate to life lessons, relationships, etc.  Be as specific as possible.

Afterwards, process with the patients.  What kinds of things did they include in their book?  Why?  How can they apply these lessons in their lives now, not waiting until the future? 


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