Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Minute to Win it Games!

Here is a compilation of Minute to Win it Games for a fabulous Fourth of July Party.

*What a Racket:  Get the gumball from point A to point B by maneuvering the tennis racket with only your knees.  If the gumball falls, you have to start over!

*Ready Spaghetti: Get six pieces of Rigatoni laced onto a piece of spaghetti using only your mouth

*Wet Balloon: Get the balloon from the start line to the bucket using only a squirt bottle.  If the balloon touches the ground, you have to start over!

*Hut Hut Hike: Hike (football style) 20 rolls of toilet paper through hula hoops.  Whoever gets the most rolls of TP through their hula hoop (out of the 20) wins.

*Wrap Them Up: Divide groups into pairs.  Give each pair a roll of red or blue crepe paper.  Whoever wraps their partner in the paper (mummy style) the fastest wins!

Any others you would include in your holiday Minute to Win It party?  Be sure to comment and tell us which ones you play!

Take from here and here.

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