Thursday, April 18, 2013

Anxiety in the Body

This is one of my go to activities on the days we discuss anxiety.  It requires very little prep and the patients pretty much guide the processing!


Give each patient a handout with the blank person on it. The activity is divided into three segments.

First, have them write in the body how they feel anxiety.  For example, if they have a headache, write that in the head, if their palms sweat, write that on the hands, etc.
Discuss with the group the various ways we all feel anxiety. 

Second, have the patients write on the outside of the body different situations that cause them anxiety (i.e. tests, social situations, family, etc.) and discuss with the group.

Third, on the back of the paper, have patients write down as many coping skills as they can to cope with anxiety.  Try to be as specific as possible, and come up with a specific coping skill for each anxiety provoking situation listed on the front of the paper.  Discuss with the group.  Conclude with the 50 Ways to Take a Break Handout.

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