Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Perfect Square

Here is another activity from the book "Great Group Games: Boredom-busting, Zero-prep Team Builders for All Ages" by Susan Ragsdale and Ann Saylor.  Isn't this book a great resource??

A long rope/string/yarn
Blindfolds (one per person)
Large, flat, open playing area


Each person is blindfolded.  Instruct each person to hold onto the rope.  Explain that they have 15 minutes to work together to form a perfect square.  Each person must keep holding onto the rope throughout the entire task.  No one may remove their blindfold until the square is formed.  When the group believes they have formed the square, they should stand in place, drop the rope on the ground, open their eyes and see what they did.

Assign people who cannot talk in this activity for an added challenge.

***It may be helpful to have staff supervise and make sure no one runs into anything, etc.***

-Did you feel you had a meaningful role to play?
-What was challenging in this game?  What was easy?
-Did the group develop a plan? How?
-How did the plan evolve over time?
-What can you learn from this group about communication and problem solving?

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