Monday, April 22, 2013


This is actually a group that the nurses at my facility often play for their nursing groups.  With a bit more processing, I think it would make a great RT group.  The best part is that it can be adapted to almost any topic!!

Here's how it would work, using the topic "Anger Management" as an example.

Each person is given three sheets of paper.  On the first sheet, they write something that makes them angry.  On the second sheet, they write how they usually respond to the situation.  On the third sheet, they write how  they want to deal with anger in the future.

The papers are all put in a pile.  For the first round, you use the first papers; the second round, the second papers, etc.

One person goes to the whiteboard, picks a paper and draws the situation.  The others try to guess.  After all the first round papers have been used, process different things that make us angry.  Go on to the second round, and then process how we respond to anger.  Complete the third round, and then talk about how we can more effectively manage anger in our lives, and encourage patients to set a goal about this topic.

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