Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Here is another activity from the book "Great Group Games: Boredom-busting, Zero-prep Team Builders for All Ages" by Susan Ragsdale and Ann Saylor.


Gym (or other large, open space)
Soft foam, fabric and/or tennis balls

Have the group stand in a large, open area.  One player will throw a ball high into the air.  Another player will catch it.  If the second player successfully caught the ball, the facilitator will give a third player a ball.  At the same time, the two balls are thrown into the air and two other players catch them.  Throwers can't catch the ball they throw, but they can catch other ones.  With each successful toss and catch, introduce another ball into the game.  If anyone drops a ball, give the group time to come up with a new strategy and then start over with one ball.

-How did the game change with the addition of each new ball?
-Did you revise any strategies as you added balls? Why or why not?
-How do you respond to changes in life?
-Is change bad or good?  Explain.
-When you experience change, how can you handle it with personal power and confidence?

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