Monday, April 15, 2013

Blind Count

Here's yet another activity from the book "Great Group Games: Boredom-busting, Zero-prep Team Builders for All Ages" by Susan Ragsdale and Ann Saylor.


Have the patients spread out in a large, open area and close their eyes.  Explain that their goal is to count aloud (as a group) from 1 to 10.  They must say the numbers one at a time, a different person saying the next number, no two people saying the same number at the same time.  If they mess up, they have to start over.  There is NO TALKING except for saying the ten numbers, no planning, and no peeking.

-Did this activity frustrate you?  Why or why not?
-In this game, players faced two handicaps: you couldn't see and you couldn't plan a strategy.  Are there situations in life in which people cope with multiple disadvantages on a daily basis?  What are they? What can you do to help empower them or help them to overcome such challenges?
-In what ways do the frustrations of this game make you more empathetic and compassionate to others who are struggling?
-Describe situations where you felt you were working "in the dark."
-How do you keep your personal power strong when you face tough situations?
-How does planning and preparing help you succeed?
-Did the group work together to complete this task?  How?

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