Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Story Circles

This is an activity taken from the book "Great Group Games: Boredom-busting, Zero-prep Team Builders for All Ages" by Susan Ragsdale and Ann Saylor.  It is an awesome book with lots of great idea for activities!


For the story circles game, have the patients sit in a circle.  The first person begins the story by stating one sentence.  The person to the right then adds the second sentence to the story, and so on and so forth.  With no established conclusion, the story can take on as many twists as you want!

-When you heard the first few sentences, did you ever imagine the outcome of your group story?
-What is the value of group thinking versus individual thinking?
-How are individual thoughts and expressions important in group thinking?
-How can you create a safe space for individual sharing within this group?

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