Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Things Left Unsaid

Here is another activity submitted by Adrianna Markley, CTRS.  It's nice because it can be adapted for a variety of topics.


For patients to understand how communication styles may lead to things being unsaid.  To get out anything they wanted to say to someone but was never able to.

Lined paper
Trash can

Have each patient write a letter to someone that they never finished a conversation with. It can be under any circumstance (the person died, they never finished an argument, etc.). They can address it if they like but do not have to. It is important to note that nobody will be reading their letters. Patients can write whatever they like to whoever they want.

After patients are done writing their letters, ask how it feels to get those things out and why they weren't able to say it before.  Did they feel sad or angry?

Next have patients rip up and destroy their letters. Each pt gets to throw theirs into the trash can.

Ask how it feels to destroy the letter. Do they feel relieved? Are they sad? How do emotions affect our ability to communicate?

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