Monday, March 18, 2013

Wireless Communication

This was an activity I learned at the URTA conference a few weeks ago, in a class taught by Nicole Bernard, CTRS at McKay D Hospital.  As part of the class, we actually played the game ourselves--it was a blast!!

Program Goal: Teach effective communication skills to improve verbal communication

Equipment: rope, a box of items, blind fold

Space requirement: gym

Group Size: any

Program description: Clients will learn three ways to communicate through an activity. They will learn how to non verbally communicate, verbally communicate, and listen to others throughout the activity.

Preparation: Put a rope in the center of the gym and place items in a box

-What ways do we communicate?
-How does that affect a relationship?

Start this activity by placing a rope on the ground.

Ask the group to select a listener.

Bring that person forward 20 feet and blindfold him. He is not allowed to speak for the remainder of the game, and he cannot move unless directed to do so.

Ask the group to select a communicator. Bring that person forward 10 feet and turn her so she faces the group, which should be standing on the starting line. The communicator may not turn around to look at the listener. She is the only person in the group allowed to speak.

Give the group a set of instructions involving the use of props. For example: "Direct the listener to put the scarf on his head, the glove on his hand and take off his shoe." The group must communicate these instructions to the communicator without speaking, so the communicator can tell the blindfolded listener what to do.

-Fact Finding question:
-What types of communication did you use throughout the activity?
-Did anyone find it challenging to communicate during the activity?
-Analysis and feeling questions
-What were some of the challenges you faced while communicating non-verbally, while communicating verbally, and while receiving direction?
-What was some example of what you saw in others that showed they
communicated effectively?
-Transference questions
-Do you remember sharing information or giving help to someone in everyday life and not receiving anything in return? What was the situation? How did you feel about the situation?
-Do you remember a situation where you have given help to others? How was it received?

Thanks again for letting me post this activity!

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