Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life Map (Self Discovery)

Here's one more idea from Nicole Bernard, CTRS, from the URTA Conference.

Program Goal: Clients will look to the past, present and future to discover themselves

Equipment/ Preparation: Art supplies

Space requirement : Class room

Group Size: Any

Activity Description
Introduction: The North Star
• Read the book The North Star by Peter H Reynolds

Activity: Life Map
• Clients will create a life map of where you have been in life and where you are going.
• This map will include a legend where different landmarks represent different metaphors. Examples:
-Bridges are places in your life where you recovered from a traumatic event.
-Forks in the road for decisions
-Mountains, obstacles
-Caves and haunted forests
-Completely blackened out areas

-Create a compass rose for your map. What do North, East, South, and West represent to you? Which direction is the compass rose guiding you?

Fact Finding
• What are some objects in you map?
Feeling questions
• What emotions did creating this map cause? What did you do to deal with those emotions?
Transference/synthesis questions
• Where are you going? What is your dream? What do you want to accomplish in your life?

Thanks again Nicole!!

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