Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Handed Pool

This idea was submitted by Laura Keren, CTRS/LRT, who came up with the activity while she was the manager of the game room on her school's campus.  They were running a team building event for some sororities and needed to come up with some ideas.  This activity has also worked well in her in-patient adult psych facility to work on team building and social skills.

Pool table, balls, sticks

Number of People:
2 or 4 or 6

People get in teams of two.  When it is each team's turn, each person of the team must have one hand on the pool stick.  The rules of pool are still the same as usual, but the twist is having two different people holding onto one stick.  This requires socialization and working together to achieve a common goal (i.e. hitting their assigned balls).

Another twist:
Adding a blindfold for one person and having the other person give verbal directions.

Consider the following questions:
-How did you succeed in this activity?
-Why was communication important?  In what ways did you communicate well?  What kind of communication needed improvement?
-Did someone take the leadership role? How did they become the leader?

Thanks again Laura!  This sounds like such a fun idea!!

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