Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Roll of the Dice

This activity is very similar to the Luck of the Draw activity posted a while back.  Instead of using a deck of cards, this one uses dice.  You could also make a big dice out of a Styrofoam cube to make it more fun!

It is great for a getting to know you activity.  On their turn, each player rolls the dice.  Based on what is rolled the player has to share the following information:

2:  Pass!
3:  Tell us about one goal you have for your future.
4:  Try to make your tongue touch your nose.
5:  What animal best describes you and why?
6:  Share a favorite memory with the group.
7:  Name three things you are grateful for.
8:  Describe your worst nightmare.
9:  Pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time.
10:  Describe yourself using 5 positive adjectives
11:  What is your favorite candy bar?
12:  Give the person on each side of you a compliment.

If doubles are rolled, the player has to name everyone in the room.

Afterwards talk about social skills and the importance of good relationships.  Ask if anyone learned anything new about another group member, and how that will affect group dynamics in the future.

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